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Os 50 melhores livros de aventura de todo tempo

O NileGuidance: A Travel Blog, fez uam lista recente com os melhores livros de aventura de todo tempo. Touching the Void

Até aí, tudo bem. O que mais me fascinou foi a quantidade de livros que nunca ouvido falar.

Em outras palavras, preciso ser fluente logo em inglês, aí, a Amazon que me espere.

Segue abaixo a lista produzida por Josh Steinitz:

  1. The Snow Leopard - Peter Mathiessen’s seminal work about a journey of (re)discovery to the remotest Himalayan region of Nepal
  2. Wind, Sand and Stars - an ode to the golden years of flying and adventure by the author of The Little Prince
  3. The Long Walk - an epic tale of escape from a Russian prison camp followed by a 2,000 mile walk to freedom (so unbelievable that some have questioned its authenticity)
  4. Three Cups of Tea - everyone’s favorite book about a climber discovering his true calling by building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  5. No Picnic on Mount Kenya - Italian POW’s reinvigorate their own humanity through adventure
  6. A Soldier of the Great War - sure it’s fiction, but this story set in the Italian Alps of World War I can’t help but ignite the adventurous spirit within all of us
  7. Seven Years in Tibet - the book is better than the movie (duh)
  8. The Climb - get the perspective of one of the real heroes of the 1996 Everest disaster, the late Anatoli Bourkreev
  9. Into the Wild - while the movie was good, the book was better still. Krakauer weaves in his own personal dramas to add perspective
  10. The Worst Journey in the World - this polar adventure fulfills the definition of “epic” in every sense of the word
  11. Alive - a study in survival and the will to live, this story of a rugby team marooned in the Andes is a classic
  12. Touching the Void - Joe Simpson’s harrowing account of surviving a mountaineering disaster, it dramatizes the agonizing choices faced when living on the edge
  13. Desert Solitaire - Abbey’s musings and cranky assaults on the march of “civilization” into the wilderness are profound
  14. A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush - a classic account of a Brit on a grand field trip in Central Asia
  15. Roughing It - Twain’s original portrait of the American frontier
  16. Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage - Lansing’s classic remains inspirational today, and is still instructive for aspiring “leaders of men”
  17. Out of Africa - the definitive book on the African colonial experience
  18. Minus 148 Degrees - Denali in winter, in a storm: who knew human beings could survive this cold?
  19. Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica - the culture and environment of Antarctica laid bare by the wry Sara Wheeler
  20. Dark Star Safari: Overland from Cairo to Capetown - Paul Theroux’s Africa reunion tour, from Cairo to Cape Town
  21. Jaguars Ripped My Flesh - Tim Cahill is the bard of travel writing, and his short stories keep you chuckling
  22. Arctic Dreams - Barry Lopez takes his eco-sensibility to the far north
  23. The Log from the Sea of Cortez - Steinbeck’s voyage of discovery is part natural history and part travelogue
  24. Coming into the Country - McPhee isn’t for everyone, but this book is
  25. Green Hills of Africa - what list is complete without Hemingway?
  26. Sound of Mountain Water - Stegner is the definitive American author on the West
  27. Heart of Darkness - fear and loathing of the unknown in deepest Africa
  28. On the Road - the bible for a generation of those who travel for the journey itself
  29. Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water - a warning call to all who strive to tame the American West
  30. A Farewell To Arms - see #25
  31. In a Sunburned Country - Bill Bryson’s jaunty portrait of the “lucky country” Down Under
  32. Blue Highways: A Journey into America - not all of America is covered by strip malls. At least not yet
  33. Off the Deep End: Travels in Forgotten Frontiers - Tony Perrottet takes us to the places far away from the headlines
  34. Full Circle - Michael Palin + travel = awesome
  35. Eric Shipton: Everest & Beyond - stories from an original explorer and mountaineer, when blank spots still remained on the map
  36. A House in Bali - cultural immersion and music make for a wonderful cocktail
  37. Siberian Dawn: A Journey Across the New Russia - a hard-edged look at the country emerging from the Cold War
  38. Let My People Go Surfing - the manifesto of Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s “dirtbag entrepreneur”
  39. The Shadow of Kilimanjaro - Rick Ridgeaway walks across Kenya
  40. Travels with Charley in Search of America - a man, a dog, and his truck…on the road across America
  41. Tintin and the Picaros - the curtain closes on the best comic adventurer-sleuth of all time
  42. Great Plains - exploring the open prairie, literally and metaphorically
  43. Pillars of Hercules - around the Mediterranean with Theroux, the hyper-articulate cynic
  44. The Places In Between - just your average walk across Afghanistan in the middle of a war
  45. A River Runs Through It - the currents of life, set in Montana
  46. We Die Alone - a Norwegian soldier escapes the Nazis in the far north: it will leave you jaw-dropped
  47. Ultimate High: My Everest Odyssey - while not on any English prof’s list, Goran Kropp’s story is an inspiration
  48. In Patagonia - inscrutable, and vintage Chatwin
  49. The Call of the Wild - we still hear the call, and now we need it more than ever
  50. A Sand County Almanac - Aldo Leopold’s conservationist musings are just as relevant and meaningful today

Categoria “Master”

  1. Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape - Galen Rowell definitively launched the genre of adventure photographer
  2. Wide Angle: National Geographic Greatest Places - stunning images from the photo experts
  3. Earth from Above - a unique perspective on the planet
  4. National Geographic Atlas of the World - every traveler worth their salt should have it. ’nuff said
  5. The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World - Lonely Planet take you on a grand tour

6 Comentários:

  1. Tuco Egg disse...

    O cara tá por fora. Se tivesse lido, colocaria no topo da lista o imperdível Incríveis Histórias Medíocres de montanha :-)

    Segundo o Hilton lá do Alta montanha, vc foi um dos 3 que leu. Legal.


  2. Levi Rodrigues disse...

    É verdade, imprimi em A4 e levei para viajar no final de ano.. foi um dos livros que li, depois de "A Cabana" e outros...

    Quanto a lista, acho que o autor ainda não conhece o

    Bons ventos..


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